Updating Links

As new freebies post for you guys, I continue to update the older download links little by little.  As of right now, all downloads are updated back to October 2016.  Some of you know (and some of you might not) that my Mediafire account was hacked where I used to host ALL of my downloads.  Mediafire was able to get my account back to me but all of my files had been deleted by the hacker.  So what I did was ‘hide’ all of my older posts that needed the download links updated and as I go along and have time I am re-uploading the files and ‘re-publishing’ the older posts.  And I got a completely new site to host my download links at.   It’s a long process, so hang in there 😉


4 Replies to “Updating Links”

  1. Thank you so much for all the trouble that you go to! It is greatly appreciated!

  2. You are getting there slowly but surely. Those of us who still need to download many of your older goodies and of course anyone who is new, certainly appreciates the time and energy you are putting into getting all the old links up and running again. Thanks for the update and continued good luck getting through it all.