Installing Freebies

How to Install Photoshop content:

Below you’ll find some helpful links…I do include these with all of the current downloads here on the site as a txt file, but wanted to keep them up here on the blog just in case.

I am not affiliated with these links in any way, but they will help you to install Photoshop content if you’ve never done it before. A google search
will also help you find more information-

Photoshop tutorials…

  • Using Vectors In Illustrator: HERE
  • Using Vectors In Photoshop: HERE
  • Installing Photoshop Brushes: HERE
  • Installing Photoshop Styles: HERE
  • Installing Photoshop Shapes: HERE
  • More Installing Info For Photoshop Goodies: HERE
  • Installing Fonts In Windows: HERE
  • Creative Market’s ‘How To’ section on their blog with tutorials: HERE
  • Create a Clipping Mask in Photoshop HERE

Photoshop Elements tutorials….

  • Installing Photoshop Styles In Elements: HERE
  • Installing Photoshop Brushes In Elements: HERE
  • Installing Photoshop Shapes In Elements: HERE
  • Move Layer Styles From Elements 8 to 10: HERE
  • Using Styles in Photoshop Elements: HERE
  • Copy Layer Styles in Photoshop ElementsHERE

Assorted Digital Scrapbooking tutorials…

  • How to use an alpha sheet: HERE or HERE
    video: HERE
  • How to use a digital scrapbook template: HERE
  • Extract an image in Photoshop Elements: HERE
  • Scrapbooking layout, ribbon weaving: HERE

Tutorials on how to sample colors from swatches into Photoshop or Elements….

  • How to sample colors in Photoshop with the eye dropper tool HERE
  • How to sample colors in Elements with the eye dropper tool HERE