Blog during Hurricane Irma

Hi Guys!

I’ve got the blog set up to auto post freebies fairly regularly through the rest of the month (about every other day) and then I set it up to post once a week on Mondays through October and November (I may add in a few more days if I have the time).  I did this just in case we lose power for awhile, I don’t have time to update it, my computer dies or I’m too busy with clean up after the storm.  I do have all of my files backed up online so even if the computer is trashed, it’s not a big deal.  Of course, should everything be okay then I’ll have the time to make sure the blog posts more regularly the rest of the time like I usually do.  Everything is up in the air right now, they still don’t know for sure where Irma is going but they do know it will effect Florida in some way.  I was born and raised in Florida and have been through many storms, so we are as prepared as we can be for this thing.

14 Replies to “Blog during Hurricane Irma”

  1. We are watching these storms from here on the west coast…then we have so many fires buring out here that are also a major problem…hugss to you and all the east coast people.

  2. Goodness gracious Heather, the last thing you should be worrying about is us! I’ve been watching how the storm has been affecting areas of the Caribbean and I truly hope that it peters out a bit before hitting any other islands as it continues to head north. So much devastation so far. Between the hurricanes and all the fires on the west coast and up here in our western provinces in Canada, it is rather scary right now.

    Best of luck to you and stay safe!

  3. Stay safe, don’t take any chances. Life is more important than anything. Praying for all in these terrible storms.